AID's Involvement in Flood Relief in Assam

What has been the AID Response for the Flood relief in Assam?

AID has been communicating with our partner organizations and other NGOs in Assam over the past few weeks to assess the disaster and assist in the relief and rehabilitation efforts. Relief efforts are particularly essential to support health needs and essential medicines, temporary shelters.  Efforts to ensure access to food and clean water are also of immediate importance. Long-term rehabilitation efforts may be needed in terms of livelihood opportunities.

In the next few days and weeks, AID will be working with our partners to support various relief proposals including prompt approvals up to the $5,000 AID has already committed. The actual need for supporting our partners' work alone may be four to six times this amount. Therefore, AID is appealing to all members of the community including its volunteers, and many supporters to contribute generously toward this effort. Any contributions in excess of the present need made toward the AID's Relief and Rehabilitation Fund will be used to fulfill other disaster relief needs on a case by case basis in the future.

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Which AID Chapters have been actively involved in these efforts?


AID Boston will be working on flood relief proposals by ERLISID, working with the community in Chandrapur and RVC, working with the community in Dhemaji.

Immediate needs for ERLISID have to address malaria prevention by providing a mosquito net per family and providing food supplies in relief camps.

Immediate needs for RVC has been to address food (dal supplement), shelter (tarp, corrugated sheets, bamboo), drinking water and sanitation (hand pumps), health (preventive and remedial) and livelihood backups (fodders and vaccination).

AID Boston has released $3000 from its chapter funds in support of immediate relief efforts.


AID College Park will be working on flood relief proposals by ACRD who are working the communities in Bamunijan, Hajo, Amlighat and Dimoria.

Immediate needs of ACRD has been housing constructions, seeds for farmers, water treatments of ponds, Veterinary relief for the milkmen and clean drinking water source (hand pumps).

AID College Park has released $3000 from its chapter funds in support for immediate relief efforts.


Is AID involving the Assamese community in these flood relief efforts?

AFNA or the Assamese Foundation of North America has collected $2500 in donations from the community to support the relief efforts of AID supported NGO's at the grassroots.


How can other AID Chapters or any interested individual get involved in these efforts?

We need a lot of help. Please look at the Need New Volunteer section. Please send an email to ne-cell@mit.edu and we will work with you.







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